Upon retiring after 28 years of teaching, I started making and selling naturally dyed shibori/eco print scarves, exfoliating soap savers, carabiner water bottle holders and other functional items at the Encino Farmers’ Market with my friend Ruth.

Except for the logwood and indigo, my dye sources are from locally foraged flora (ex. pomegranates from the gardens of Irene, Jane & Kaz; avocado pits from Doug and other guacamole lovers; eucalyptus kindly collected by Judith from her street and Daoswan from her hikes; Matilija poppy leaves from Allen’s garden; Japanese maple leaves from Leslie and Gary; rose  leaves from Steve and Joy, Irene, Henry and Brenda; geranium leaves from Irene, Steve and Joy).

While I continue to dye, I realize that my love of making things takes me to another realm.  I get an idea of what I’d like to make from things I see (nature, museums, stores, being out and about), and my imagination.  I then research for weeks, sometimes months, by looking at online tutorials, youtube videos, and books purchased on Amazon before plunging into experimentation with a particular technique.  This has led me to ecoprinting, nuno felting, making hair accessories, tissue packet holders, and Marvel character coasters. I enjoy the routine of using a learned technique to make a prototype, and making multiples of the product to the point where I can make the item without thinking of the individual steps involved.  When I’m in that state, hours go by without my realizing it. I’m happy and calm- sleep better at night.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (me-HIGH check-sent-me-HIGH-ee) coined a term to describe this state in 1975.  He called it flow, which has since been also described as “being in the zone”:

FLOW with captionAs I make items, I like to sell them face-to-face.  Getting feedback and chatting with people who stop by and purchase items at our Farmers’ Market/Craft Fair booth has been interesting and fun.

Over the years I’ve developed and worked out patterns to make items, and continue to experiment and develop new patterns.  This is my FTGCC* line.  Digital downloads of these patterns can be purchased on my etsy shop, textilesforall.etsy.com

Fun stuff at my  RedBubble Shop:  textilesforall.redbubble.com

For more photos, see my instagram page.

*For Teachers, Grandmas/pas, and Camp Counselors

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