KN95 Launderable Mask Slipcovers

Medical advisors have told us to upgrade our cloth masks to N95s or KN95s. I, as well as others I’ve talked to, prefer the feel of 100% cotton over the plasticky surface of the disposable masks. In addition, the disposable masks look really gross very quickly (think yellow stains of sweat and makeup…yuk!). Another concern is the “use it once and toss it” advice – REALLY?! Everyone I’ve given these KN95 launderable mask covers to has loved them. By using these KN95 launderable mask covers, I’ve been able to use the disposable KN95s more than once.

In response to this need, I designed a pattern for home sewers to make KN95 mask slipcovers, which I sell on my etsy shop.


Laundering instructions: unclip the neckstrap from the elastic ear loop, and undo the Lark’s Head knot. Remove the KN95 mask. For best results, insert the KN95 slipcover into a small lingerie bag such as this, and launder in washing machine and dryer. Your slipcover may appear crumpled when you remove it from the dryer. No need to iron – it will stretch out once a KN95 mask is inserted.

To insert/reinsert a KN95 mask into your slipcover: use your fingers to mold the front inner fold of the KN95 into the inside front of the slipcover. Adjust the top and bottom edges to form a snug fit. Close the bottom and top inner flaps.

To reattach the neck strap: Tie a Lark’s Head knot on one elastic loop by placing the fold of the strap neck under the elastic loop, then thread the metal fastener through the loop and pull. Attach the metal fastener to the elastic ear loop on the opposite side.